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Beyond the Dreams of Orvis

The April Orvis Fly Fishing catalogue arrived.  Some time ago, when I first approached Orvis, the fly fishing catalogue was the one which I asked them to send me.  However, somewhere in the request process, I must have mentioned, in … Continue reading

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Ennui: Mother of Adventure

Ennui is the mother of adventure.  Erskine Childers’ The Riddle of the Sands, and John Buchan’s Hannay series and John Macnab all begin with heroes bored, listless, and out of sorts.  But soon, the protagonists are released from the urban … Continue reading

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Midwestern Ontario Agri-Fair 2013

There are many things which might mark the beginning of Spring.  There are crocuses freckling the bald patch exposed by the receding snow line.  One morning, the robins are back; another morning, the juncos are gone.  For us, the beginning … Continue reading

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Have Sermon Will Travel

That pretty well describes my first year after finishing theological training.  While perhaps not the Paladin of preachers, I did cover a bit of the country taking services and doing locum work.  The most memorable time out of that year … Continue reading

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Clean Socks And A Clear Head

Back in the ’80s, I came across the same recipe for wool wash in two different, but much older, sources.  The first gave it for washing woolen blankets; the second gave it for washing fishermen’s guernseys, jerseys, or sweaters.  The … Continue reading

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Gamekeeper’s Pie

Cottage pie is made with beef.  Shepherd’s pie is made with mutton (“Lamb’s for sellin’, no’ for eatin’.”).  This is gamekeeper’s pie and it is made with game, mixed game.  Today, I am using venison and turkey.  I should have … Continue reading

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National Audubon Society Field Guide To Birds

For his birthday, my son received a bird book from his Grandfather.  It is not the only bird book in the house, but in many ways, it is the most useful. Grandpa gave him the National Audubon Society Field Guide … Continue reading

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An Aga Saga: in my dreams

I have never owned an Aga, but I have had a Rayburn surgically removed.  It was on the Island of Arran many years ago.  I was living in an old house for the winter months.  There was not much by … Continue reading

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Chuck-It Soup

Four days into March and there is still snow on the ground.  The morning groans for soup. Last week, I made beef stock (or broth) out of a meaty bone and some marrowy bones; onion, parsnip, turnip (rutabaga), leek, and … Continue reading

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J. Barbour & Sons

I haven’t a clue what I was doing when JFK was shot, but I do remember buying my first Barbour.  It was in 1986, from a gun shop in Edinburgh.  I sold my first shotgun, a Spanish boxlock, and bought a Border and … Continue reading

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