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When I first made ratatouille, Delia Smith was my guide.  Thirty years later, I have not deviated much from her path.  Julia Child’s recipe has been an influence; but, as it is claimed that a man can dirty every pot, … Continue reading

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Lego City Leaves Town

I know that Lego City had some farm kits and that there are forest police and fire sets.  That isn’t what I mean.  You see, while we were at Granny Scotland’s house, there was a programme on the BBC called … Continue reading

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Home-baked Bread

From our trip to Scotland, Wife Person brought home a Harris Tweed jacket and a book on bread by Paul Hollywood.  Today, thanks to jet lag, she was up exceedingly early and got started on a loaf. We heated up a … Continue reading

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And The Fox Is On The Town-O

As you can see, my Mother’s backyard is not a jungle: urban or otherwise. Her house is in an old village around which has grown a ‘New Town’.  These post-Second World War housing developments have retained grassed and wooded areas.  … Continue reading

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