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Mutant Ninja Ladybugs

The nights are getting colder; and there are people combining soybeans. It has been confirmed by an indisputable sign. These things are finding their way into the house: Harmonia Axyridis, Asian Lady Beetle, Asian Ladybug (US), Asian Ladybird (UK).  By whatever … Continue reading

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We have friends who have a guest house.  One of them had a significant birthday, so I did a little painting of their place and put it into a card with a 4 5/8″ by 3 1/8″ opening. Our friend … Continue reading

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Auction Sale

Today, I made my first purchase at an auction.  I have been to auctions before; and I have been an unsuccessful bidder before.  This time, I made a purchase.  I didn’t win it; I bought it.  This computer-based auction idea … Continue reading

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Spiced Fruit Chutney

While the canning equipment was still out from yesterday, I made some spiced fruit chutney.  It is a great accompaniment to cold meat, either on a plate or in a sandwich.  It pairs well with a nice piece of cheddar.  … Continue reading

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The Bloody Deed Is Done

We made salsa yesterday with tomatoes and onions from our garden.  You will notice that I said ‘with tomatoes and onions from our garden’.  Strictly speaking, I should have to say that it was made from tomatoes and onions purchased … Continue reading

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Fall Fair

Our Fall Fair came to its conclusion today.  Yesterday, Friday, morning, we took our exhibits down to the Community Centre for display and judging.  Wife and Daughter stayed there to help the judges in the baking section. This morning, I … Continue reading

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