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Backyard Birding: Return of Update

Wife has posted some photographs of some of our recent visitors:

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The Garden

The vegetable garden is planted. The boy and I did that yesterday. This year, we planted green and yellow beans throughout as the plot needs a rest.  Not very exciting, I know, but hopefully we can eat a few and … Continue reading

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Backyard Birding: Update

Well, last week’s social activities did not go as fully as hoped. The magnolia warbler did not return; and the indigo bunting departed not to reappear until Father-in-Law telephoned to say that he was home safely.  More positively, the pair … Continue reading

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Backyard Birding

With the warm weather, we have had new visitors for the birdfeeders in the backyard. Last weekend, there was an indigo bunting. Now, a pair of Baltimore orioles have taken up residence somewhere close by and visit our suet feeder … Continue reading

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A New Rifle Needs A New Scope

The purchase of a new rifle brought on, after a period of economic recovery, the purchase of a new scope. One might have thought that buying a new rifle scope would have been easy. One would have been wrong. What … Continue reading

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