Backyard Birding: Update

Well, last week’s social activities did not go as fully as hoped. The magnolia warbler did not return; and the indigo bunting departed not to reappear until Father-in-Law telephoned to say that he was home safely.  More positively, the pair of orioles are regular, nay frequent, visitors; and we have a pair of rose breasted grosbeaks in the neighbourhood; all of whom made themselves available during the F-in-L’s visit.

This lunchtime, a male scarlet tanager paid us a call.  It seems that we are substandard hosts: our networking soirees just aren’t coming together.

About Tweed and Briar

I am the pastor of a rather conservative rural congregation. My interests alongside of work are hunting, fly fishing, cooking, and life in an agricultural community. By way of family, I have a wife and two children: a daughter and a son. I am of indeterminate age because my wife is a bit younger than I am and my son is ages with some of my friends’ grandchildren. However, to say that I slip smoothly among the generations would imply an agility which I no longer possess. I aspire to the genteel poverty of the country manse.
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