The Cure for Felt Recoil

There is recoil and there is felt recoil. The former is: as a famous Scots engineer said, “You can’t defy the laws of physics!” The latter, on the other hand, is about perception rather than reality; and there is something which will change that perception. It is not the science of ergonomics applied to stock design. Nor is it range-evacuating muzzle brakes. It is adrenaline.

Checking the zero of my .30-06 at the range, I am conscious of the laws of physics. Out in the bush with a deer in the crosshairs, I pull the trigger and do not feel a thing. The difference is adrenaline.

Similarly, at the range, my Winchester model 70 has ejection problems: the spent case flips up, hits the bottom of the scope, and lands back in the action. (This, we are told, is a defect of the Mauser design.) Out in the bush with a deer in the crosshairs, I pull the trigger, I work the bolt, and the spent case lands in the next wildlife management unit. A spring-loaded ejector has no advantage over a blade in the presence of adrenaline.

We need competition or the chase. Neither we nor our rifles were built for shooting in cold blood.

About Tweed and Briar

I am the pastor of a rather conservative rural congregation. My interests alongside of work are hunting, fly fishing, cooking, and life in an agricultural community. By way of family, I have a wife and two children: a daughter and a son. I am of indeterminate age because my wife is a bit younger than I am and my son is ages with some of my friends’ grandchildren. However, to say that I slip smoothly among the generations would imply an agility which I no longer possess. I aspire to the genteel poverty of the country manse.
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2 Responses to The Cure for Felt Recoil

  1. Excellent post! Now I hope you bag a deer this fall.

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