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Fall Fair 2016

The Agricultural Society’s Fall Fair has come and gone.  This year, we put entries in some sections which we had not considered previously: pies. Out of eight entries, Wife got five firsts and three thirds. One third prize was for … Continue reading

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And be a Farmer’s Boy

My son, The Boy, has  spring and summer employment. A local sheep farmer asked him if he wanted a job. The Boy said that he’d need to ask us first, but that he was certainly interested.  When we asked him … Continue reading

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Fall Fair 2015

Fall Fair fell on Friday and Saturday of last week. On Friday, wife and daughter arranged displays and helped the judges in the baking section. On Saturday, I kept an eye on our Ministerial’s table for most of the day … Continue reading

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Other than being the method by which we find our cellphones, our land line is the way by which Bio-Ag customers reach us by mistake. Bio-Ag customers are decent farming folk; we explain their error and hang up the phone … Continue reading

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Still Processing

A trip to the farmers’ market resulted in: 21 US pints of salsa 9 pounds of chopped Italian tomatoes 26 US pints of passata And 24 cups of ratatouille

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Winter Foraging

We have snow.  The forecast predicts squalls over the weekend.  Winter is coming, and the farmer’s markets are over.  Instead of finding the vendors in one spot, we’ll have to go out to them. I was looking at the Foodlink … Continue reading

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Mutant Ninja Ladybugs

The nights are getting colder; and there are people combining soybeans. It has been confirmed by an indisputable sign. These things are finding their way into the house: Harmonia Axyridis, Asian Lady Beetle, Asian Ladybug (US), Asian Ladybird (UK).  By whatever … Continue reading

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