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Compost is Captivating

Compost is captivating. There is something enthralling about the hidden process which, with negligible human interference, turns the Prodigal’s dinner into rich dark organic matter. We have been making the stuff to support our made from scratch, not out of … Continue reading

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The Garden

The vegetable garden is planted. The boy and I did that yesterday. This year, we planted green and yellow beans throughout as the plot needs a rest.  Not very exciting, I know, but hopefully we can eat a few and … Continue reading

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Snow Birds

Despite the snow and ice, we have been able to keep the birdfeeders full.  We have a finch feeder with thistle and nyger seed, a sunflower seed feeder, a suet feeder, and a mixed seed feeder. They hang on a … Continue reading

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The Garden’s Out

The comment which Ian of mud4fun made here reminded me that I should update this. There isn’t much to say.  The tomatoes were late and came all at once.  The commercial growers were in the same boat.  It was just … Continue reading

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Spiced Fruit Chutney

While the canning equipment was still out from yesterday, I made some spiced fruit chutney.  It is a great accompaniment to cold meat, either on a plate or in a sandwich.  It pairs well with a nice piece of cheddar.  … Continue reading

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The Bloody Deed Is Done

We made salsa yesterday with tomatoes and onions from our garden.  You will notice that I said ‘with tomatoes and onions from our garden’.  Strictly speaking, I should have to say that it was made from tomatoes and onions purchased … Continue reading

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A New Toy

We planted Roma tomatoes this year because I wanted to try making my own passata.  The part of the process which I did not mention in the family discussion was that it would involve a new toy: a tomato squeezer. … Continue reading

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