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All the Green Wellies are over the Border.

Or, to be more exact, they are over the Channel.  The original Green Wellies were made by Hunter near Dumfries.  Unfortunately, the company had financial difficulties in 2006 and was restructured in 2008 as a manufacturer of fashion accessories for … Continue reading

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Stanley Vacuum Bottle: Customer Service Success

Experience indicates that the length of the warranty is about the same as the useful lifespan of the product. A lifetime warranty is usually, therefore, a sign that your purchase is going to last the distance. That said, there are exceptions. … Continue reading

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I Was A Le Creuset Guinea Pig

Back in the 1980s, I made my first Le Creuset purchase: a 22 cm, 3-in-1 Multipan or Marmitout in Flame Orange. It was the very thing for a young bachelor living away from home. The set had an enamelled cast iron pot the lid … Continue reading

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An End of an Old Song

When the Scots Parliament was suspended in 1707, the Earl of Seaforth said, ‘Now there’s an end of an old song.’  The same can be said today as the last Land Rover Defender rolled of the assembly line. Photographs here: … Continue reading

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Barbour Reproofing and Repairs

The point had come when character had changed to dilapidation.  I am talking about the family Barbour collection. Son has out grown his youth Beaufort, and is moving into the old Border. Daughter, finding the Border a bit restricting, is … Continue reading

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Stand Still and Don’t Smell (Part Two): Camo

My first conscious exposure to camouflage was Vic Morrow’s helmet cover: the one which his brother, a Marine in the Pacific, sent to him. After ‘Combat’, my next earliest memory would be the Denison smocks of Second World War British … Continue reading

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Other than being the method by which we find our cellphones, our land line is the way by which Bio-Ag customers reach us by mistake. Bio-Ag customers are decent farming folk; we explain their error and hang up the phone … Continue reading

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