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Meadow Birds

We have moved house within the same town. Our new house is on the northern edge over-looking farmland. This has given us new birds to see from our north and east facing windows. The first new bird for us to … Continue reading

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Backyard Birding: Return of Update

Wife has posted some photographs of some of our recent visitors:

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Backyard Birding: Update

Well, last week’s social activities did not go as fully as hoped. The magnolia warbler did not return; and the indigo bunting departed not to reappear until Father-in-Law telephoned to say that he was home safely.  More positively, the pair … Continue reading

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Backyard Birding

With the warm weather, we have had new visitors for the birdfeeders in the backyard. Last weekend, there was an indigo bunting. Now, a pair of Baltimore orioles have taken up residence somewhere close by and visit our suet feeder … Continue reading

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Snowshoeing For Turkeys

Looking out of the window, the sky is clear blue, the trees are bare, and the ground is dazzling white. It has been snow-covered since the middle of November. Around here, we take a white Christmas for granted; but we … Continue reading

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Stand By To Repel Boarders II

We have had two visitors this week.  They came in by different entrances; and, hopefully, they will leave by different exits.  The first visitor was a mouse: only the one this time.  We have not found his entrance, but I … Continue reading

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Snow Birds

Despite the snow and ice, we have been able to keep the birdfeeders full.  We have a finch feeder with thistle and nyger seed, a sunflower seed feeder, a suet feeder, and a mixed seed feeder. They hang on a … Continue reading

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Stand By To Repel Boarders

At this time of year, many are looking forward to having family and friends to stay.  We were not planning on visitors.  However, we got them.  The evidence of their presence was left under the sink, in the snacks cupboard, … Continue reading

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Mutant Ninja Ladybugs

The nights are getting colder; and there are people combining soybeans. It has been confirmed by an indisputable sign. These things are finding their way into the house: Harmonia Axyridis, Asian Lady Beetle, Asian Ladybug (US), Asian Ladybird (UK).  By whatever … Continue reading

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Coyotes and Chowder

We took our annual visit to Rhode Island at the end of April.  One of the highlights of our Rhode Island trips is our day at Newport.  It wasn’t beach weather, so we had our appetite enhancing exercise on the trails of … Continue reading

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