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Lamb and Vegetable Soup

For a joint Mother and Son birthday dinner last January, we splurged on an a leg of lamb. We had sliced roast lamb on the day.  We had ground leftovers in a shepherd’s pie later. And today, we had soup … Continue reading

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The Garden’s Out

The comment which Ian of mud4fun made here reminded me that I should update this. There isn’t much to say.  The tomatoes were late and came all at once.  The commercial growers were in the same boat.  It was just … Continue reading

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The Garden’s In

The garden is planted.  It is the end of May; so the risk of a heavy frost should be gone.  Because of late snow and killing frosts, the onions and leeks did not go in at the optimum time.  I … Continue reading

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Chuck-It Soup

Four days into March and there is still snow on the ground.  The morning groans for soup. Last week, I made beef stock (or broth) out of a meaty bone and some marrowy bones; onion, parsnip, turnip (rutabaga), leek, and … Continue reading

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